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Boost your Organization performance, by leveraging: 

  • Purchasing and Procurement, just because I have more than 20 years of experience in building and managing Purchasing teams, and because Purchasing is a good way to 1) understand your organisation, 2) identify savings with direct impact on bottom line and on cash,

  • Operational excellence, which consists in maximising  performance on productivity, quality and costs, by applying simple management tools (Lean, 5S, Kanban...).

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purchasing & procurement

  • Build a Purchasing department

  • Select and implement a Purchasing Information System

  • Purchasing strategies,

  • Manage Purchasing and Supplier performance,

  • Cost reduction plans ...


  • Lean / Hoshin, 

  • Continuous improvement,

  • Training and coaching on operational excellence,

  • Deploy operational excellence tools ...


  • Is your organization readable and does it promote collaboration?

  • Are your processes optimized? Known and practiced by all your employees?


  • Are your tools at the service of your performance? Do they actually facilitate the work of your employees?


  • Change programs,

  • Project recovery,

  • Cost reduction programs,

  • Adapt organisation, methods and tools for sustainable growth,

  • Motivate teams ...

why this name?

DynaCie stands for Dynamic & Compagnie, which is French word for Company


When you look at the definitions


adj. Positive in attitude and full of energy

noun. A force that stimulates changes or progress within a system or process


noun.  Association of people (...)


The purpose of ​​DynaCie is therefore to bring positive energy and strong skills to your teams, to help them progress, and to make your company more profitable.

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A recognised expertise in project management and in purchasing organisations construction.

I started my career in an Anglo-Saxon audit and consulting firm, which allowed me to acquire working methods, and a good command of finance and project management. I then spent more than 15 years with one of the world's leading automotive suppliers, where I had the chance to actively contribute to the modernisation of the Purchasing function.

I led purchasing teams (direct and indirect) all over the world, set up many (and varied) information systems, carried out supplier quality assurance, learned and practiced Japanese management methods (San Gen Shugi, 5S, Lean ...).


Since 2016, I have been helping companies of all sizes, in various sectors, to improve their financial and operational performance.


Olivier Chanet

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